About Us

Absolute Equipment Service, LLC

Absolute Equipment Service, LLC is a family owned and operated company. We enjoy helping other people to achieve their goals and make a friend or two. We have a wide selection of equipment for just about any job, from earth moving to land clearing, brush cutting and more.

Our Vision

Absolute Equipment Service, LLC is all about making your dream a reality. For some companies and homeowners, a beautifully finished outdoor area seems like an impossible task. It is our goal to make your vision real. No job is too big or small, too simple or complex.

Company Profile

Not too long ago, our family purchased a large piece of property. We soon realized that in order to make our dream home/property exactly what we wanted was going to take a lot more than rakes, shovels and elbow grease. We started acquiring the proper equipment to move the dirt that we wanted to be moved, plant the trees that we wanted to plant, build the retaining walls that we wanted to build and keep our pond and dam maintained properly.

Only then we understood that this could be something that we could do for others! Make a seemingly impossible project become a reality rather than a nightmare.

Since then, we have offered our services to many homeowners that are now enjoying their property and creating memories instead of to-do lists. Absolute Equipment Service, LLC takes the hassle out of making your property exactly what you want.

Featured Project

This site was an overgrown 147.5 acre parcel of land. While naturally beautiful in its wild state, this land was unaccessible and not able to be used to it's full potential. The size of the brush stood 20 feet or higher and was full of briars and other hidden dangers. The land owner hired Absolute to clear this brush and make this unpolished gem shine. Not only is the final product gorgeous, we were right on target as far as budget as well. As always, we aren't satisfied unless our clients are.

To transform this property we brush cut and mulched the under-story with Caterpillar skid-steers and mulching heads that are able to provide a thorough result that is cost and time efficient for our clients. We are able to remove the undesirable brush while leaving the ground undisturbed and minimal erosion. This method also lets the client pick and choose which material remains.