Make Room for Something New

With residential or commercial land clearing services in Gainesville, Lexington & Athens, GA, and Surrounding Areas

When you've found the perfect lot to build your new home or business on, don't let overgrown trees and shrubs get in your way. Absolute Equipment Service, LLC provides residential and commercial land clearing services throughout Gainesville, Lexington & Athens, GA. We'll meet with you on-site to go over your individual land clearing needs and provide the expert clearing and tree removal services you deserve.

Contact us to schedule our land clearing services that include clearing and tree removal!

Hire the professional land clearing company

No matter the size of your lot, bringing down dead or unwanted trees takes more than just a chainsaw and rope. Let the professionals at Absolute Equipment Service take care of your residential or commercial land clearing needs. Our professionals provide:

  • Safety - We have the experience and equipment to clear a large property without damaging the surrounding area.
  • Precision - We'll meet you on-site to assess the landscape and plan a course of action for your project.
  • Cleanliness - From large branches to tree stumps, we'll clean up and haul away all leftover yard debris.

Trust Absolute Equipment Service to clean up the look of your landscape. Call 678-850-8617 today for a free estimate.