Start Your Build on Solid Ground

Turn to our grading experts in Lexington & Athens, GA, and Surrounding Areas

A solid foundation is essential to a sturdy and reliable build. When you're planning new construction, turn to the grading experts at Absolute Equipment Service, LLC in Lexington & Athens, GA. Our commercially insured contractors will work closely with you to provide a functional construction site. We have the experience, equipment and manpower to get the job done right.

Speak with our contractors in Lexington & Athens, GA to get started on your site preparation today.

Break ground on your new build

If you aren't experienced in land grading, going about site preparation yourself can lead to an unstable foundation. Absolute Equipment Service provides start to finish grading services that cover:

  • Removing any trees or brush that are in the way.
  • Hauling in any necessary gravel or dirt.
  • Shaping and leveling the lot to your specifications.

Contact us in Lexington & Athens, GA today to get a free estimate on our comprehensive land grading services; call 678-850-8617.