Take Back Your View

Get professional brush cutting or removal services in Lexington & Athens, GA, and Surrounding Areas

Brush undergrowth can make it difficult to spot dead or dangerous trees in your yard. And fast-growing vines, like kudzu, can prevent surrounding plants from growing.

Absolute Equipment Service, LLC in Lexington & Athens, GA provides brush cutting services to get rid of your unsightly and damaging vegetation. Our professionals can clear away any brush undergrowth to get a better idea of what trees and shrubs need to be removed.

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Let us handle your overgrown shrubs

Overgrown and crowded landscapes not only distract from the natural beauty of your lawn, but they can also cause problems with the integrity of your property. Dead brush removal can improve your landscape by:

  • Boosting your curb appeal - getting rid of underbrush helps give your yard a well-kept appearance
  • Promoting healthier tree growth - removing diseased shrubs can prevent rot from spreading
  • Expanding your landscape - overgrown brush takes away from your functional yard space

We strive to beautify your lawn and prevent property damage. Schedule our brush cutting services in Lexington & Athens, GA today.